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Thomas Concrete launches rapid rollout of CarbonCure technology across Atlanta


Solidifying its position as an industry leader in sustainability, Thomas Concrete of Atlanta, Georgia has announced the expansion of the CarbonCure technology across four additional concrete plants surrounding the Atlanta metropolitan region.

Thomas Concrete announces significant carbon reduction


Demonstrating an impressive commitment to environmental leadership,Thomas Concrete of Atlanta, Georgia, has announced the implementation of the CarbonCure Ready Mixed Technology through a feature article published in the widely circulated concrete Products Magazine.

Monolithic Sculpture in Concrete Looks like Steel


The 36-feet high sculpture called Stealth, with its sharp edges, lustrous surfaces and twisted forms gleams as if it is made of steel. But looks deceive, because it’s composed of black concrete. The sculpture stands in downtown Atlanta in the United States, and is made from a special concrete developed by the Swedish family owned company, Thomas Concrete Group.


Thomas Concrete Group Acquires More Plants in USA


Thomas Concrete Group continues to grow in USA


Thomas Concrete Group creates common branding